Activities for Halloween instead of Trick or Treating

By Hannah Page

October 27, 2020

Halloween in 2020 is going to be different compared to past Halloween nights. COVID-19 has changed Halloween from candy, costumes, and parties to masks, social distancing, and no trick or treating. The Oregon Health Authority recommended that this Halloween no one should trick or treat. As sad as it can be for kids, here are a few Halloween activities that fit inside the COVID-19 guidelines. 

  1. Watch a Halloween or scary movie at  home with your own bubble of people                                                           

Your bubble is considered to be the people you are with regularly. They all know you’re being safe and you know they are too.  Try watching Hocus Pocus or a scary movie like Chucky or Annabelle. This is a great way to still have fun and be safe! 

  1. Carve pumpkins with your family or close friends

Carving pumpkins is a great way to bond and have family time. Roast the pumpkin seeds that come from the pumpkins for a tasty and healthy snack. Have fun while turning on some music, having a dance party, and carve your pumpkins.

  1. Hold an online costume contest

Make a Zoom meeting with all your friends and show up wearing your Halloween costume. The best costume gets a prize or bragging rights. This is even better with a big group because there is more competition.

  1. Do a Netflix Party with all your friends

A Netflix Party is a new way to watch TV with your friends online. It allows you to all watch the movie at the same time. It also has a chat box so you can chat with your friends about the movie. This is a great way to watch a movie with your friends without being in the same room with them.

  1. Tour around your neighborhood to look at decorated homes

Take a walk outside and see all the fun spooky Halloween decorations. Lots of people go crazy with lights and jump scare clowns. Show your Halloween spirit and put a costume on to walk outside. Don´t forget your mask! 

  1. Movie Night COVID Safe

Have your friends drive over in their car and put a white bedding sheet on a wall or garage. Then get blankets and pillows for the back of your car and project a movie onto the sheet. Get comfy in your own car to watch the movie.

While it is sad we will not be able to trick or treat or have Halloween parties this year, there are still a  lot of different ways to still have fun and stay safe.

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