Golf is Coming Back with Help from Corona

A Road to Recovery

By Lina Walsdorf

October 27, 2020

Have you ever heard of the sport golf? In 2020, lots of people did golf, even when corona attacked. But why did people do golf now and not then?

Golf, a sport of relaxation and frustration, has its best summer in a decade. In the first part of the pandemic, golf superintendents closed their pro shops. The virus, COVID19, has ended many lives and ruined many people’s lifestyles too. They didn’t know if it would be safe to let golfers golf again. After a while, the industry lawmakers and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed new rules and guidelines and made 14,500 golf courses back into business. 

“Playing golf during the pandemic is very different from playing before COVID hit.” says Jack Walsdorf, who plays golf often. “There are special rules now, as in only one person allowed in a golf cart, and there’s a metal cup around the hole to prevent people from touching anything unnecessary.” Golfing in the pandemic has been a 20 percent increase than before. But why did golf become a hit now? Why are people golfing now, not then? The answer is exercise. Being stuck in your house for a long time is not fun. The human body needs exercise to work in healthy ways. Because of the pandemic, people need to stay in their homes and can’t get much exercise outside. Another thing is that golf isn’t a sport to gather together, so you are keeping six feet of distance while golfing. Golfing is a significant amount of exercise, fun, and you are also preventing COVID.

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