What’s trending for Lake Oswego?

Above: Charli, Dixie, and their fellow Tiktokers pose for a group picture.

By Maya Moran

2020 brought numerous new hacks, styles, video games, TV shows, fashion statements and oddly, cactus and succulent plants, to life. Even through the whole course of this odd and wonky year, we’ve brought out and also brought back some popular trends that are still making headlines and have been brought out and also brought back for everyone to try out during quarantine. 

Tik Tok is probably one of the biggest forms of entertainment during Covid-19. It has become a great way to connect with friends and have fun. It’s a great place that promotes creativity and a way to temporarily forget all of the problems and current catastrophes going on in the world around. The top rated TikTokers of 2020 are:

1stCharli D’amelio 88,300,000           
2ndAddison Rae61,500,000 
3rdZach King49,700,000

Fashion Trends

2020 has brought back some popular trends of the past. Including denim jeans, skinny ribbed shirts and vintage tees. According to Instyle Magazine, “some of the biggest and best styles from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80´s are making a comeback.” With some help from the 70’s, 2020 has found a love for vintage tees, mostly worn with classic denim jeans.

Gaming Central – The best of 2020 gaming selections and more

It’s not just fashion that’s standing in the spotlight. As everyone  has become were stuck at home, kids have discovered the need for entertaining video games. The current top four console video games for 2020 include:

Call of Duty (CoD), Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and Grand Theft Auto (GTA).
” It comes as no big surprise that a Call of Duty title is on of the most popular games of 2020,” States FossyBytes.

Tiny succulent and cactus plants have taken over homes and people´s workspaces

Plants have oddly become an obsession when decorating. They are enjoyed because of their ability to bring color and life to the space being decorated. Now, they are almost an essential item to add to your home decor list. Succulents have increased popularity in homes across the country that you can arrange in your house. Now with so many people in their houses day after day, left and plants hanging from beautiful glass containers and in small but bright and colorful pots.

Whatever trends come next is a mystery now. But with how unpredictable 2020 was, who knows, maybe you’ll create the next trend.

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