The Experiences of Club Baseball in Oregon this Summer

By Tyler Leykam

The Oregon Club Baseball spring season of 2020 was a wild one.  In March, the season was postponed after one tournament! A compromise was made so that there was practice in late June and games in July-Aug. There were rules however. The games had to be played in Keiser and Eugene; those were the spots in Oregon that allowed play. Most tournaments featured a lot of the same teams, but new teams came and went too. The point of the restart was so kids could have their club baseball season, enjoy the warm summer weather and play baseball. All kids who played and parents who watched embraced the masks and the fact that they may never again play or watch a season like what they did again. 

Scott Leykam , liked the flexibility of how it was run but wished he helped with our team’s safety more. “I liked how flexible they were throughout the season.” He says. He didn’t enjoy the experience because of how rough it was but, appreciates that he probably won’t see that again. “I never want to go through this experience again.” Leykam liked how different it was, but would like to see it return like it had always been.

Will Radziwon wished the team was able to go out for lunch together. He would go back in a heartbeat because it was just something that always stayed the same.”I would go back for sure, no doubt.” Although the team had a good season and won a tournament, Radziwon wished that they could have won more. “We did win a lot of games, so I can’t say much.” He says.

Davis Simmons thought this was his best team ever this year. As for what he thought about the rules, he wished that they would stay the same so he would know the regulations every weekend. Simmons also wished that he put more time into this season to be a little bit better. “Get a little bit more work in.” As mentioned earlier, he believed in his teammates behind him. “Could count on the guys [team] when he needed them.”

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