An Epic Adventure!

A review of Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson 

By Sydney Lindsey (grade 6)

Do you need an engaging read? Do you love adventure? Did you enjoy reading Renegades or any other superhero book? Then I have just the book for you.

Steelheart is a book set in a post-apocalyptic world. People have superpowers caused by a phenomenon known as Calamity. These superpowered people (called Epics) have taken over the world. It is up to a brave and shadowy group of people called The Reckoners to save this society. 

David has devoted his life to avenging his father, a man who believed Epics were good until the very end. The malicious ruler of Newcago killed him in cold blood regardless. With his power of observation and deduction, David scopes out The Reckoners and convinces them to let him join. Their goal is to figure out Steelheart’s weakness, which negates his power. The climactic fight scene is a definite plus of this book.

It is also an OBOB book, which is our school’s reading competition. 

Read this book if you need a page-turner full of passion, determination, and mystery!

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