Why YOU should join a club!

2020 Science Bowl

By Spencer Andrews (grade 6)

Everybody at LOJ should know about the LOJ clubs by now.  BUT a lot of people still aren’t in a club yet!  But I and scientists think that you should join a club.  

First of all, you will learn new skills!  Think of the Speech and Debate club.  Their main purpose is to improve your public speaking.  Or you join the Math club and get your math club skills in tip-top shape!  Your math tests might be easier and you might need to spend less time on math homework each night!  This means that you will also be boosting your grades!  Who doesn’t want to go from a C in math to an A?  (results not guaranteed by this author)

Next, your social skills can improve.  It will be easier for you to socialize and speak to your classes.  You are meeting new people, which naturally improves your social skills.  

You can also improve your time management skills.  You will have another hour of activities added to your week.  In a locked-in time.  That means that you will be forced to be able to move around your other activities.  It may be hard at first, but over time it will get better and better.  Then, it is easy to adjust your homework on the day of your dentist appointment! 

Finally, you will also build good future habits.  Have you ever heard the saying, “Colleges LOVE extracurricular activities!” Well it’s true.  It is good to get in the habit of extracurricular activities.  Just like how in the middle of elementary school you probably started getting homework.  Most people still start their homework at the same time and your parents always want you to get it done sooner than later.  The sooner you start, the easier it will be.  You don’t want to have to jump into the cold water of starting extracurricular activities on your first day of freshman year of high school when you’re in a brand new building, still learning new routines and norms.  So after you have heard this do you still not want to join a club? Come join us in extracurricular activities!

The LOJ Club List

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