School Lunches Around the World

By: Anna Bates (6th Grade)

Have you ever wondered what our school lunches in America are like compared to school lunches in other countries? If you have, you are in luck! This article will inform you about the school lunches of four other countries. 

School lunches in England are quite the treat! School lunches must contain high quality meat, fruit and vegetables, bread, as well as other cereals and potatoes. The lunches cannot include drinks with any added sugar, chocolate or sweets of any kind, or more than two portions of deep fried or battered food in a week. As you can see, the lunches are geared toward being healthy and nutritious. 

School lunches in China are very different from the ones in England! The lunches predominantly contain rice, but occasionally the rice is switched with noodles. With each lunch comes a vegetable dish. Some of the variety in the lunches includes, but is not limited to, tofu, eggs, fat-packed dishes, lots of chicken, and fruits. 

School lunches in France are delicious by any standard! It is a 3-4 course meal, consisting of a vegetable starter, a warm main course with a side of vegetables and cheese, and finished with a nice dessert. The dessert is usually fresh fruit, but with the occasional sweet treat, and the baguette is served plain. There is a national ban on vending machines and junk food in French schools, so only water is served. Lunch is delivered to you on reusable plates and dinner plates with metal silverware. An example of a common French school lunch is lentil salad with potatoes, roast pork or turkey with peas and carrots, brie, and for dessert a kiwi.

Spanish school lunches are hearty and tasty! Each lunch has two courses, served in huge family-style bowls.  Hearty vegetable soups and warm comfort food with meats, noodles, and broth are all on the menu. Plenty of fresh fruit is provided, and eating a lunch like that will surely rejuvenate you for the rest of the day! 

How do you think these lunch options compare to ours here in America?


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