Why You Should Join The LOJ Choir!

By Mikayla Riggs and Liam Alberte 

If you’re a 6th or 7th grader starting to consider what electives to choose for your next year at LOJ, you are going to want to put choir as your top choice! 

Do you like performing arts? In choir, we perform at concerts three times a year! It’s a class that gives you the opportunity to find talents you never even knew you had. It’s also a nice place to make new friends, anybody can join.

In choir, you learn about the different musical scales and other aspects of music. In all of the choirs, you learn brand new musical content, for example, the chromatic scale and key signatures. We also play musical games to help build a classroom environment. 

Dr. McKeirnan, the choir teacher here at LOJ, is really good at making choir exciting and fun! She is really supportive and has a lot of patience, so there’s no need to worry if you don’t get it on the first try. She is also an incredibly funny teacher.

We interviewed Dr. McKeirnan and asked her some questions about her personality and teaching style:

  • Q: What do you love about teaching? 

A: “I love being able to make relationships with my students and watching student relationships grow”

  • Q: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 

A: “Vanilla”

  • Q: What do you do to make your teaching fun? 

A: “I love laughter, games, and talking to my students like they are people”

As you can tell, choir is a great and fun elective and you should definitely consider joining!!

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