What is the most popular subject?

Do people succeed at it?

In school, the classes students most enjoy are Electives. These are most enjoyed because people find it the most fun class or most entertaining. In 2023 most people rated Electives as the most enjoyable subject in schools. Schools are able to make Electives enjoyable and fun to learn about because Electives are typically an easy class to pass and fun at the same time.

Students, when they enjoy one subject more than another, often think that the class is easier or just better because their friends are in it.  For the people I interviewed at LOJ, their favorite subjects were different as shown in the data graph below. 

Overall, the people I asked liked Electives most but they had different favorite subjects and reasons why. Most often people’s favorite subject is the one they are best at. 

Interview #1 – Julieta:

She stated that Language Arts (LA) is her favorite subject because it is easy for her and she can finish the assignments fast. 

Also, at the start of the year, she didn’t have any friends but she made some friends. It shows that classes are places you can make new friends that you become close with. 

Even though Julieta doesn’t think the teacher is easy-going, she is a good teacher who gets stuff done

Interview #2 – Gabi:

She stated that her favorite subject is LA because she loves writing

She had asked me if I meant whether she liked the class because of which friends were in it or because of the subject itself, which was a good question because this shows people can like classes for different reasons.

Interview #3 – Jules

She said that her favorite subjects were both math and Social Studies (SS) because when it comes to SS she loves the teacher and learning about the big events.

When it comes to math, she chose it because she can understand it and loves it.

This shows that people choose their favorite subjects for other reasons.

Interview # 4 – Luke:

 He stated that P.E. was his favorite subject because it’s like a free class. 

He gets to play games every day and has friends in it.

Interview #5 – Leo:

He said that his favorite subject is SS because he finds the class is one of his easiest.

He also has friends in that class to work together with and talk to.

Interview #6 – Carson:

He said that science was his favorite class because it was an easy subject and it was fun with all the experiments.

He also likes the people in it because they are his friends.

Additionally, he thinks it is a cool and fun teacher.

After all of these interviews, I noticed they all had similar opinions on the subject they chose but still chose different subjects. This helped show that people do pick subjects that they find easiest to pass or that have friends in them. 

For teachers, their favorite subject isn’t always the subject that they teach. They can easily find other subjects that are easier or more interesting. Perhaps the subjects you are best at or find easiest shouldn’t always be your favorite, it should be something you actually enjoy learning about, not a class that you wish you weren’t in. When it comes to topics like these, it can really go either way because some people like the easier classes while some like the harder classes because it pushes them to try harder.

Another reason students can choose their favorite subject is that they find it necessary in life to learn. Students often wonder when they will ever use the stuff they learn now when they grow older, and honestly, it all depends on what you want your career to be.

Don’t think you ever need to like one subject more than the other. Quite honestly, these are just the opinions of other people. They should not have a say in your opinion. You should not have to feel like you should like the same subject because of others. It should be YOUR opinion. What is your favorite subject?  

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