Golf is Coming Back with Help from Corona

A Road to Recovery By Lina Walsdorf October 27, 2020 Have you ever heard of the sport golf? In 2020, lots of people did golf, even when corona attacked. But why did people do golf now and not then? Golf, a sport of relaxation and frustration, has its best summer in a decade. In theContinue reading “Golf is Coming Back with Help from Corona”

When Can We Hope for a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Will the COVID-19 vaccine get us back to our normal lives? By Julia Joseph October 26, 2020 Will Lake Oswego residents take the COVID-19 vaccine to get back to normal life? COVID-19 has been taking a lot of things away from Lake Oswego residents including sports, family gatherings, parties, and school.  Everyone is hopeful thatContinue reading “When Can We Hope for a COVID-19 Vaccine?”

Fires Ravage West Coast

By Nicholas Nazemi October 16, 2020 A series of deadly wildfires have been wreaking havoc all along the West Coast, particularly California, Oregon, and Washington. Tearing through the West, they have burned nearly 6 million acres of land and forced hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate their homes. In addition, there have been 40Continue reading “Fires Ravage West Coast”

Activities for Halloween instead of Trick or Treating

By Hannah Page October 27, 2020 Halloween in 2020 is going to be different compared to past Halloween nights. COVID-19 has changed Halloween from candy, costumes, and parties to masks, social distancing, and no trick or treating. The Oregon Health Authority recommended that this Halloween no one should trick or treat. As sad as itContinue reading “Activities for Halloween instead of Trick or Treating”

Who Will Win the Upcoming 2020 Election in November?

By Grace Peng October 26, 2020 Tuesday, November 3, 2020, the fateful day that will decide the outcome of the United States for the next four years. The presidential election will finally come to a close, and the United States will find out who the next president will be out of the two major partyContinue reading “Who Will Win the Upcoming 2020 Election in November?”

Spreading Kindness and Love Through Instagram

By Magnolia K. Jaffe October 28, 2020 There is someone anonymously  spreading love and kindness around Lake Oswego High School through Instagram. The instagram account is called positive_lohs and. They post compliments that people Direct Message them.  The account has been active since Sept. 5th.  Instagram is it is a social media platform where peopleContinue reading “Spreading Kindness and Love Through Instagram”

Middle School Social Hierarchy

Diving Into the Social Hierarchy By Jackie Kuang October 26, 2020 A variation on the social hierarchy Source: Jackie Kuang People will usually get concerned about the social hierarchy and their social status in their school life, but is it really that important in middle school? Let’s see what the 8th graders  at Lake OswegoContinue reading “Middle School Social Hierarchy”

Will Baseball and Basketball Happen This School Year?

By Dougie Jewett October 27, 2020 In Clackamas County, many kids are wondering if sports will happen this year because they want to play the sports that they are good at and love. A pandemic called COVID-19 has spread across the worldwide and has impacted local school districts by canceling in person school and sports.Continue reading “Will Baseball and Basketball Happen This School Year?”