The Boy in Striped Pajamas – A Book Review

by Elin Ryu The Boy in Striped Pajamas by John Boyne is told from the perspective of a boy named Bruno, a German boy, who moves to Auschwitz(Out-with) with his family on the Führer (The fury), also known as Hitler’s command to Ralf, Bruno’s father. After their move, Bruno meets a boy on the otherContinue reading “The Boy in Striped Pajamas – A Book Review”

The Gen-Z Fashion Trends of 2021

As 2021 is coming to an end, here’s a review of the 2021 fashion trends of Gen-Z By: Mikayla Riggs In 2021 87.6% of Gen-Z shopped online, but what was really filling up their carts? For most people from Gen-Z, oversized t-shirts, cropped tops, ripped jeans, shirts with graphic print, and solid-colored t-shirts were theContinue reading “The Gen-Z Fashion Trends of 2021”

RAK Club Pet Supplies Drive 

By: Anna Bates Random Acts of Kindness club is having a pet supplies drive! The LOJ Random Acts of Kindness Club’s Holiday Pet Drive fundraiser for Project POOCH has been extended throughout this week, so you are able to donate anytime from now until next Wednesday, January 12th. A bin is currently located at theContinue reading “RAK Club Pet Supplies Drive “

School or Screen Time?

By Taylor Sheldon   “Even teaching, which has evolved in recent decades to emphasize fewer lectures and more collaborative lessons, must change.”- The New York Times Will students be able to return to their school soon, or will school continue to revolve around zoom?Link to LOJ school image:    Link to Zoom meeting image:Continue reading “School or Screen Time?”

The Experiences of Club Baseball in Oregon this Summer

By Tyler Leykam The Oregon Club Baseball spring season of 2020 was a wild one.  In March, the season was postponed after one tournament! A compromise was made so that there was practice in late June and games in July-Aug. There were rules however. The games had to be played in Keiser and Eugene; thoseContinue reading “The Experiences of Club Baseball in Oregon this Summer”