Yemen Crisis: What the World Doesn’t Know

By Ansley Kang October 27, 2020 Right now, everywhere we look there is news about COVID-19, protests, and the election everywhere. The news is forgetting one critical event in their reports though, the Yemen Crisis. The Yemen Humanitarian Crisis is a long lasting civil war that has led to over 80% of the population toContinue reading “Yemen Crisis: What the World Doesn’t Know”

Introducing the Lake Oswego Mayoral Candidates

By Arya Lewis  October 30, 2020 Do the names Joe Buck, John LaMotte, and Theresa Kohlhoff ring a bell? If they do, it’s likely because you’ve seen them on campaign signs scattered across Lake Oswego for the last couple of months. These are the candidates to become mayor for the next four years. Eligible citizensContinue reading “Introducing the Lake Oswego Mayoral Candidates”

How has COVID-19 Affected Our Community?

By Addison Loomis October 27, 2020 Adam Barron, business owner of Project 360, a private gym in Lake Oswego, tells  how he has been affected by the nation’s outbreak in Covid-19 cases. He also gives ways residents can help support other local businesses. At the beginning of the year, Project 360 was a booming businessContinue reading “How has COVID-19 Affected Our Community?”

Doing Good for our Community

October 9, 2020 Students took advantage of not having school on Friday, Oct. 9, 2020 to make an impact around the Lake Oswego community. While this day looked different than it has in prior years, it was still a beautiful, sunny day where students had a chance to do good. Here are a few highlightsContinue reading “Doing Good for our Community”