Lake Oswego Hunt Club Provides Space for Evacuated Animals

By Valerie Stephan  The  fires that raged across Oregon affected many people. But what about those with large animals?  Most people with livestock had to get up and go as fast as they could, leaving some pets behind. Even for the more fortunate people who did have time to take their animals and get themContinue reading “Lake Oswego Hunt Club Provides Space for Evacuated Animals”

What’s trending for Lake Oswego?

Above: Charli, Dixie, and their fellow Tiktokers pose for a group picture. By Maya Moran 2020 brought numerous new hacks, styles, video games, TV shows, fashion statements and oddly, cactus and succulent plants, to life. Even through the whole course of this odd and wonky year, we’ve brought out and also brought back some popularContinue reading “What’s trending for Lake Oswego?”

The Rock: The People’s Champion

From Wrestler to Movie Star By Ethan Sayer Dwayne Douglas “The Rock” Johnson is well  known for his many talents He was a world famous wrestler, who was also an American and Canadian football player, then became an actor. He is now one of the highest paid movie stars in Hollywood. He was a thirdContinue reading “The Rock: The People’s Champion”

Social Media, is it Helpful or Hurtful?

By Eliana Partain        Everyday people all over the world use social media.   Many people use it because they can communicate with friends and family, but also be entertained. Some people enjoy it, but others don’t. Social Media is comprised of many different apps on phones, ads and other devices and include Instagram,Continue reading “Social Media, is it Helpful or Hurtful?”

Activities for Halloween instead of Trick or Treating

By Hannah Page October 27, 2020 Halloween in 2020 is going to be different compared to past Halloween nights. COVID-19 has changed Halloween from candy, costumes, and parties to masks, social distancing, and no trick or treating. The Oregon Health Authority recommended that this Halloween no one should trick or treat. As sad as itContinue reading “Activities for Halloween instead of Trick or Treating”

Spreading Kindness and Love Through Instagram

By Magnolia K. Jaffe October 28, 2020 There is someone anonymously  spreading love and kindness around Lake Oswego High School through Instagram. The instagram account is called positive_lohs and. They post compliments that people Direct Message them.  The account has been active since Sept. 5th.  Instagram is it is a social media platform where peopleContinue reading “Spreading Kindness and Love Through Instagram”

Middle School Social Hierarchy

Diving Into the Social Hierarchy By Jackie Kuang October 26, 2020 A variation on the social hierarchy Source: Jackie Kuang People will usually get concerned about the social hierarchy and their social status in their school life, but is it really that important in middle school? Let’s see what the 8th graders  at Lake OswegoContinue reading “Middle School Social Hierarchy”

Yemen Crisis: What the World Doesn’t Know

By Ansley Kang October 27, 2020 Right now, everywhere we look there is news about COVID-19, protests, and the election everywhere. The news is forgetting one critical event in their reports though, the Yemen Crisis. The Yemen Humanitarian Crisis is a long lasting civil war that has led to over 80% of the population toContinue reading “Yemen Crisis: What the World Doesn’t Know”