The History of Lake Oswego

By: Mikayla Riggs Lake Oswego…the town we call our home. If you look outside your window, most of what you see was probably not there in the 1800’s, so let’s step back in time and discover the history of Lake Oswego. The originally so-called town of Oswego, was founded in 1850 by Miranda and AlonzoContinue reading “The History of Lake Oswego”

LOJ’s Production of “Mystery at Shady Acres”

By: Anna Bates The Lake Oswego Junior High Drama Club is proud to present, “Mystery At Shady Acres”! “Mystery at Shady Acres” is written by Michele R. Davis. The play is about the Fairfaxes, who visit a rundown hotel. Mrs. Fairfaxe’s (Blanche) expensive necklace gets stolen. This leads to a whodunit mystery with a giganticContinue reading “LOJ’s Production of “Mystery at Shady Acres””

Drama Club’s James and the Giant Peach Jr

By Anna Bates and Liam Alberte Did you know that Lake Oswego Junior High School (LOJ) is producing James and the Giant Peach Jr? James and the Giant Peach Jr uses the acting and music skills of the students of LOJ and under the guidance of Ms. Pecoff, LOJ’s drama teacher. Dr. McKiernan, LOJ’s choirContinue reading “Drama Club’s James and the Giant Peach Jr”

The Standard Response Protocol

Most students and teachers in America know about the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).  If you don’t, the SRP is used in emergencies. SRP connects students, teachers, parents, administrators, and law enforcement with common language and symbols. The I Love U Guys foundation was formed because of a 2006 school shooting. In the shooting Emily KeyesContinue reading “The Standard Response Protocol”

School or Screen Time?

By Taylor Sheldon   “Even teaching, which has evolved in recent decades to emphasize fewer lectures and more collaborative lessons, must change.”- The New York Times Will students be able to return to their school soon, or will school continue to revolve around zoom?Link to LOJ school image:    Link to Zoom meeting image:Continue reading “School or Screen Time?”

The Experiences of Club Baseball in Oregon this Summer

By Tyler Leykam The Oregon Club Baseball spring season of 2020 was a wild one.  In March, the season was postponed after one tournament! A compromise was made so that there was practice in late June and games in July-Aug. There were rules however. The games had to be played in Keiser and Eugene; thoseContinue reading “The Experiences of Club Baseball in Oregon this Summer”

How Online School is Affecting Students at Lake Oswego Junior High

By Hannah Page March 13, 2020, was the last day of what was previously known as a normal school day. The Lake Oswego community had been hearing about a deadly virus, known as COVID-19,  which postponed normal school days to some unknown day in the future.  There are many opinions on whether online school isContinue reading “How Online School is Affecting Students at Lake Oswego Junior High”

Black Lives Matter Takes on Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego citizens stand in the center of Millenia Plaza holding signs and listening to a speech. By Sienna Larsen  Protests for Black lives has been happening all over the United States. People in the local community have taken part in this important matter. Many Lake Oswego citizens took part in this. One of theContinue reading “Black Lives Matter Takes on Lake Oswego”

Lake Oswego Hunt Club Provides Space for Evacuated Animals

By Valerie Stephan  The  fires that raged across Oregon affected many people. But what about those with large animals?  Most people with livestock had to get up and go as fast as they could, leaving some pets behind. Even for the more fortunate people who did have time to take their animals and get themContinue reading “Lake Oswego Hunt Club Provides Space for Evacuated Animals”

Discovering Lake Oswego’s “Respond to Racism” and Why LO’s History Shows the City Needs It

By Sarah Al Qirem October 20, 2020 Lake Oswego is a beautiful suburb of Portland, Oregon known for its captivating lake, however the city has made the news multiple times for many incidents of racism. In 2017, the  people of Lake Oswego took it into their own hands and the organization Respond to Racism (RtR)Continue reading “Discovering Lake Oswego’s “Respond to Racism” and Why LO’s History Shows the City Needs It”