Black Lives Matter Takes on Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego citizens stand in the center of Millenia Plaza holding signs and listening to a speech.

By Sienna Larsen 

Protests for Black lives has been happening all over the United States. People in the local community have taken part in this important matter. Many Lake Oswego citizens took part in this. One of the protests took place June 5th, 2020 in the middle of Millenia Plaza in Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

The group Moms United held the protest in downtown Lake Oswego They stood in Millenia Plaza chanting messages to support Black lives. People gave speeches about the importance of Black lives and encouraged others to call out people who make racist comments or show racist behaviors. 

Many people questioned if this would even help the Black Lives Matter community. In an interview with Sarah Al Qirem, who attended one of the protests, she was asked if she thinks the protests will have an impact on Black lives in Lake Oswego. She responded, “Yes, due to the small percentage of POCs [people of color] in Lake Oswego, when all of them show up to protests like these with other people of different races it must feel very empowering.”  

These protests were non-violent, and didn’t involve any rioting. Protesters were just trying to get their voices heard and show their support for Black lives and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Social media, justice and unity were the main topics being spoken about. Many people shared their personal stories with racism and how they dealt with it as well. Protesters left the eventss feeling inspired and hopeful. 

After these initial protests, many people have gone out to hold signs and participate in  a drive through parade to spread the message of love and support for those in the Black community. To show their continued support, many households have also put signs in their yard.

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