What is the most popular subject?

Do people succeed at it? In school, the classes students most enjoy are Electives. These are most enjoyed because people find it the most fun class or most entertaining. In 2023 most people rated Electives as the most enjoyable subject in schools. Schools are able to make Electives enjoyable and fun to learn about becauseContinue reading “What is the most popular subject?”

Are teenagers struggling or thriving with their academics and athletics?

Should I take time to practice my sport, or should I study for my next test? By Olivia Trujillo Molepo destroying the competition over 400m at a Puma School of Speed meet at the Ruimsig Stadium last month where she ran 54.50. Photo Credit: Tobias Ginsberg. Across the United States, student-athletes are trying their bestContinue reading “Are teenagers struggling or thriving with their academics and athletics?”

The Atomic Heart Investigation

By Conrad Gould Atomic Heart game cover (Wikipedia/ Mundfish) The recently released video game Atomic Heart, made by the company Mundfish, started an investigation from Ukrainian officials and gamers on the matter of alleged Russian ties. Atomic Heart gameplay NBC News Mykhailo Fedorov expressed concerns that the money raised from the game will be transferredContinue reading “The Atomic Heart Investigation”

The Tiktok Ban Law: A New Threat to Privacy Laws

By Dan Zelyanovskyy The 2023 Tiktok Ban Bill is threatening to violate modern privacy rights in order to have an app ban go through. The TikTok ban bill, which is already going into effect and is being considered in some states, will allow the government to directly control app store content and search devices forContinue reading “The Tiktok Ban Law: A New Threat to Privacy Laws”

Why you should join Lake Oswego Community Rowing

By Aiden Rohde Do you like water sports? Do you need a fun way to work out? If you join rowing you can have a lot of  fun with your friends on the Willamette River. The weather is starting to turn around and summer is the best time to start rowing. Lake Oswego Community RowingContinue reading “Why you should join Lake Oswego Community Rowing”

The History of Lake Oswego

By: Mikayla Riggs Lake Oswego…the town we call our home. If you look outside your window, most of what you see was probably not there in the 1800’s, so let’s step back in time and discover the history of Lake Oswego. The originally so-called town of Oswego, was founded in 1850 by Miranda and AlonzoContinue reading “The History of Lake Oswego”

LOJ’s Production of “Mystery at Shady Acres”

By: Anna Bates The Lake Oswego Junior High Drama Club is proud to present, “Mystery At Shady Acres”! “Mystery at Shady Acres” is written by Michele R. Davis. The play is about the Fairfaxes, who visit a rundown hotel. Mrs. Fairfaxe’s (Blanche) expensive necklace gets stolen. This leads to a whodunit mystery with a giganticContinue reading “LOJ’s Production of “Mystery at Shady Acres””

Drama Club’s James and the Giant Peach Jr

By Anna Bates and Liam Alberte Did you know that Lake Oswego Junior High School (LOJ) is producing James and the Giant Peach Jr? James and the Giant Peach Jr uses the acting and music skills of the students of LOJ and under the guidance of Ms. Pecoff, LOJ’s drama teacher. Dr. McKiernan, LOJ’s choirContinue reading “Drama Club’s James and the Giant Peach Jr”

The Standard Response Protocol

Most students and teachers in America know about the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).  If you don’t, the SRP is used in emergencies. SRP connects students, teachers, parents, administrators, and law enforcement with common language and symbols. The I Love U Guys foundation was formed because of a 2006 school shooting. In the shooting Emily KeyesContinue reading “The Standard Response Protocol”