Why You Should Join The LOJ Choir!

By Mikayla Riggs and Liam Alberte  If you’re a 6th or 7th grader starting to consider what electives to choose for your next year at LOJ, you are going to want to put choir as your top choice!  Do you like performing arts? In choir, we perform at concerts three times a year! It’s aContinue reading “Why You Should Join The LOJ Choir!”

The Difference Between Men and Women; Why Loving Yourself is Important

By: Mia Jensen. WARNING! This is a sensitive topic so if you are triggered easily, you might want to check out some other articles. Editor’s note: I (the editor) am a boy and this article is mostly to inform girls. If you are a boy, then this can provide a perspective on the life ofContinue reading “The Difference Between Men and Women; Why Loving Yourself is Important”

The Standard Response Protocol

Most students and teachers in America know about the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).  If you don’t, the SRP is used in emergencies. SRP connects students, teachers, parents, administrators, and law enforcement with common language and symbols. The I Love U Guys foundation was formed because of a 2006 school shooting. In the shooting Emily KeyesContinue reading “The Standard Response Protocol”

The Real Important Questions

By Rohan Sekar All the time, people are asking the really unimportant questions, like “Where is it?”, “What’s on the news?” and “When is my job interview?” But not today. Today, I interviewed a group of people on the most pressing questions of today. You’re probably wondering, “What are these questions?”, and that’s a reallyContinue reading “The Real Important Questions”

The Boy in Striped Pajamas – A Book Review

by Elin Ryu The Boy in Striped Pajamas by John Boyne is told from the perspective of a boy named Bruno, a German boy, who moves to Auschwitz(Out-with) with his family on the Führer (The fury), also known as Hitler’s command to Ralf, Bruno’s father. After their move, Bruno meets a boy on the otherContinue reading “The Boy in Striped Pajamas – A Book Review”

The Gen-Z Fashion Trends of 2021

As 2021 is coming to an end, here’s a review of the 2021 fashion trends of Gen-Z By: Mikayla Riggs In 2021 87.6% of Gen-Z shopped online, but what was really filling up their carts? For most people from Gen-Z, oversized t-shirts, cropped tops, ripped jeans, shirts with graphic print, and solid-colored t-shirts were theContinue reading “The Gen-Z Fashion Trends of 2021”