Spreading Kindness and Love Through Instagram

By Magnolia K. Jaffe

October 28, 2020

There is someone anonymously  spreading love and kindness around Lake Oswego High School through Instagram. The instagram account is called positive_lohs and. They post compliments that people Direct Message them.  The account has been active since Sept. 5th.  Instagram is it is a social media platform where people can post images with descriptions on an account and people can see and respond to them. Direct Message is a way to private message someone though Instagram and it is also referred to as DM. positive_lohs  has posted 58 compliments so far.

The anonymous creator of the account said in an interview, “I made the positive account in the first place because I saw all the ‘tea’ accounts or ‘shade rooms’ and saw how it was affecting our students”.  The anonymous creator said they have their account  anonymous because they want to make sure the person  DMing the compliment is trusted. The creator also stated, “I believe this account has a slight impact on the community as of right now.” They prefaced this with, “my goal is to try and reach as many people as I can with the help of others. I believe that the smallest act of kindness could make some difference. Even if it is just making someone smile, I count it as making a difference”. They do not plan on revealing their identity and are planning on keeping their account active through their high school years.

Clementine Jaffe, a LOHS student, who has had a post made about her said that it’s nice to be thought of and complimented. Jaffe also believes that, “they don’t need their identity public to run a account that is about the community it’s not about them it’s about everybody else.” Jaffe also strongly urges others to compliment friends, family or even other students that you don’t know very well, “… because what’s stopping you from making someone’s day better.”  

Ava Glass, another student from LOHS, who has also had a post made about her said that “it was so kind! It made me so happy!”  On the subject of anonymity, Glass said, “it’s their choice to be anonymous and I respect them for not being public about it.” Ashby Caughey, who had a post made about her as well said, that it made her feel great to know that someone likes and appreciates her, she said that she thinks it’s good that they are anonymous so they feel comfortable. 

The positive_lohs is one example of how social media doesn’t have to be just drama, trolls and  hate and can be for kindness, love, and overall just making people feel good about themselves and reminding them that they are loved and that they are thought about  as well as  inspiring them to be kind and loving as well.  

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