When Can We Hope for a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Will the COVID-19 vaccine get us back to our normal lives?

By Julia Joseph

October 26, 2020

What happens if some Americans refuse the COVID-19 vaccine? | MDLinx

Will Lake Oswego residents take the COVID-19 vaccine to get back to normal life?

COVID-19 has been taking a lot of things away from Lake Oswego residents including sports, family gatherings, parties, and school.  Everyone is hopeful that a COVID-19 vaccine could bring their lives back to normal.  There are still some big questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. When will this vaccine be ready?  Will it be available to everyone? Will the vaccine allow people’s lives to get back to normal? An interview with a Lake Oswego resident and an Intensive Care Unit pulmonologist helped to answer some questions.

Albany, New York ICU pulmonologist,  Dr. Damian Compa, is hopeful and believes the COVID-19 vaccine will be ready by the end of this year. Dr. Compa states, “it’s important to remember, however, that it will take many months to produce the quantity of vaccines to immunize not only people in the US but around the world.”  Dr. Compa does however believe most people will be eligible for the vaccine. This is great news if everyone is able to get the vaccine. Dr. Compa also states, “some vaccines, however, have ingredients people are allergic to, this is very rare with newer vaccine technology. The vaccine will also not likely contain a live virus portion so that people with tired immune systems can also take the vaccine safely.” The COVID-19 vaccine could be ready by the end of this year but may take many months to be readily available for everyone.  However, the outlook is good that everyone could potentially be eligible to receive it.   

Dr. Compa brought up some concerns on how quickly the vaccine can be administered and people’s willingness to try something new for things to get back to normal. “ Some people are concerned about side effects and may choose to not be vaccinated or to wait. It may take a good portion of next year for everything to be in place,” states Dr. Compa.  If Lake Oswego residents choose not to receive the vaccine then it could prolong COVID-19 restrictions in our town as cases could continue to rise.

A five year Lake Oswego resident, Brenda Ballew, believes the vaccine will be ready in the Spring and is hopeful it will be effective in our community, “I think all residents of Lake Oswego would like to get their normal routines back as soon as possible!” states Brenda Ballew. 

“We may always have to deal with COVID-19 as we do with the flu and need yearly vaccines to be careful when there are outbreaks,” says Dr. Compa. Lake Oswego residents will have to wait and see what comes next with the vaccines and hope that our daily lives will get back to normal sooner than later. 

“Masks may be a part of our life for a long time intermediately when serious airborne infection arises. “  Dr. Damian Compa.

Data from November 11, 2020

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