Will Baseball and Basketball Happen This School Year?

By Dougie Jewett

October 27, 2020

In Clackamas County, many kids are wondering if sports will happen this year because they want to play the sports that they are good at and love. A pandemic called COVID-19 has spread across the worldwide and has impacted local school districts by canceling in person school and sports. Over the summer, it wasn’t as concerning because there aren’t as many sports at that time of year, but now people are back in school and it has got sports lovers worried. Basketball normally starts at this time of year and. baseball is supposed to start soon.

According to current metrics in Oregon, In order for in person school, there must be 10 or less cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 people. Before sports can resume, there must be in person school. Right now, there are 48 cases per 100,000 in Clackamas County,So there is a long way to go before in person school or even sports can take place. 

Yet, some kids are still hopeful. JJ Komitor plays baseball and basketball and in the past few years has played LO baseball But ever since COVID-19 put him in lockdown he has played for a private club. He states,”I am really happy because right now I am playing baseball. Of course, we need to stay safe and healthy. So, during practice we always wear masks and keep our distance.”

Being able to play is positive because kids get to see each other and play sports they love. Komitor also says, “for games the infielders always wear masks and the outfielders don’t have to. But in the dugout, we always have to wear masks. Also, before the game, the coaches bring spray bottles full of Lysol and spray everything down.” 

I think this follows local health authority safety guidelines is a good idea because people are wearing masks when they are close together, while still getting to play the sport. 

Sullevan Kirtz plays basketball and water polo. Over the years, Kirtz has played basketball and has been a teammate at LO where normally, tryouts would have been last week. But, of course, they weren’t. When asked if he thinks basketball will happen this year and he said, “no. I don’t think it will or should happen. They are risking people’s lives just so kids can get a scholarship. If it does happen then that’s really dumb because people will die. Even one one lost life is too many.”

Every life matters and if anybody dies it is tragic. And if it does happen just because someone wants to get a scholarship and someone dies because of it then that is very dumb. There are no scouts watching at our age.

Players hope that baseball will happen even if basketball doesn’t because it is easier for baseball players to be distant from each other and the sport is played outside. In contrast, basketball players are in closer contact and even frequently touching each other.  This increases the risk of contracting COVID.

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